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"Every beautiful reality begins with a dream and the sacred smoke raised by your prayer"

by Jimena Reyes de gregoriis 22 Feb 2021

hello zen girl,

Today you have in your hands a wonderful sage, which for me is a tool of power and magic.

This sage goes beyond just a roll of herbs, it is your ally, your friend, your confidante and your accomplice to create realities connected to the beat of your heart.

Sage is a plant that energetically removes and cleans energy, that is, you turn it on and the sage goes and looks for all the low vibration energy to remove it and harmonize your environments in its path, however that is not the only purpose; the smoke of a sage accompanies you to raise your prayers, it accompanies you to do your rituals and through its smoke to raise your prayers like a whisper to the universe of your deepest desires, its smoke accompanies you to pray, to ask, but also to give thanks, to release, to sow, its sacred smoke that represents the air but also the fire, gives you that lightness to let yourself be carried away by your dreams and visualize the life you want to live, for your highest good and for your highest end .

Today that we celebrate 4 years of zen life, where you are a fundamental part of this celebration, I want to tell you something very personal that moves me a lot, it was through a wonderful sage that I wrote this dream, it was through its sacred smoke that I sat down to meditate and think about how it would be and how I would achieve it, the road has been surrounded by many and many salvias, each one of them has given me a gift, a smile, a longing, a pampering and today I want you to live this great magic connecting with it, with the mere fact of putting it on your hands, smelling its aroma and intending your prayer, then you just have to turn it on and allow yourself to be there, letting everything happen.

With love,


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