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Unconditional love ritual

by Jimena Reyes de gregoriis 25 Sep 2020

How many times do we not have a broken heart or emotions shot like a volcano? How many times do we not want to know something that helps us find comfort and calm in our hearts? ok, so today I want to give you something that I know will help you, I know because I have also felt like you, lack of courage, lack of love, lack of light and this ritual helped me like they don't have an idea.

Rose quartz is one of my favorites forever because it works energetically with our heart Chakra to contain its love and make us explode with well-being; using it therapeutically is fabulous because it helps you bring to light everything that we are not bringing out on our own, especially emotions, sadness, pain, to fill it with compassion, acceptance and unconditional love.

If you are ready for this therapy we will put magic to work!

what we are going to need is:

1 tumbled rose quartz.
1 crystal or glass bottle filled with purified water.
1 Flower of life.
1 piece of paper and pencil

Let's prepare an elixir of self-love!

We will put the flower of life as the base of our ritual, on it we will put the bottle of purified water in glass and we will put a rose quartz, it is important that the quartz is drummed otherwise it can detach particles that we would be drinking in the water without power perceive it, the only thing we want to drink is the water activated with the energy of rose quartz, which, as you well know, the energy of quartz is always of a higher vibration than the energy of our human body and even more so if we are in a state of sadness or depression.

Once we have our quartz inside the water, we are going to write a decree on our paper since water has memory and we want it to memorize our request so that we give that message to both the divinity and each of our cells when we drink the water daily.
Your decree can be what is born from your heart, just remember to do it positively, first person and in the present, once the piece of paper is written, you will place it under the bottle and above the sacred geometry.

Decree example:

"I am a being of light vibrating in love"

We will let the water activate overnight and the next day we will drink that water on a daily basis, one bottle a day is enough for 21 days.
The last part of this ritual is your self-observation, since noticing the changes within your body and within your emotions gives you the pattern to know that it is working and something is being removed within you. It is important that every day you wonder how I feel today? why did i feel this What does this emotion mean to me?

When you get into the habit of observing yourself daily and even more so during the therapeutic processes, you will be able to get to know yourself more and with this, advance in your management of emotions and with it in your self-control and emotional fulfillment.

I wish this ritual serves you as much as it does me, that it reaches your heart at the right time and that it helps you expand your light for your highest purpose.

With love,


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