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How to make your water Florida?

by Jimena Reyes de gregoriis 04 Oct 2020

The promise is due to zen girls and since I don't want to reincarnate just because I owe you a recipe, here I leave you the note of the flowery water.

Let's start by knowing what is flowery water?
Basically, florida water is a citrus-based scented water that, through the essences of citrus fruits and some other herbs, gives us a relaxing aroma and a feeling of peace.

In rituals we use it to clean our energy, putting a little on our forehead, it can also be used as water (representing the water element) to clean our quartz or power tools.

They sell it already prepared in many places, I recommend the one from sanborns or in the free market you will find many ready-made flowery waters, but if you want to prepare your own I am going to share the recipe that I learned with Emilia Yolotzintli in my "My first aid kit" course herbal".

-96 degree edible alcohol, mezcal or unscented tequila.
-Distilled or purified water.
-Plants: lavender, mint, rosemary, lemon peel, orange, lime, grapefruit, star anise, cinnamon and cloves.
-Glass bottle preferably dark amber.

Mix the herbs and give them a pass in your mortar in order to activate their molecules and give off their smells, from the elaboration process you begin to receive their aroma and energy.
Place all the herbs in your jar and coat them with alcohol, then fill the rest of the jar with purified water.
Put it to rest in a complete cycle of 28 days on a sacred geometry of the flower of life (here in the store you can find it for sale), during this 28-day process try to move the plants every 7 days.

Once the elaboration process is finished, I recommend that you put it on your altar and start using it where your intuition tells you to use it.

note: if you don't have all the ingredients to create it, don't worry, you can put only some of them but the base should always have citrus.

With love,


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