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What are 7 chakras and how do they align?

by Jimena Reyes de gregoriis 03 Sep 2020

Set of 7 chakra quartz Today I want to talk to you about the 7 chakras, it is very common today to hear that the chakras here, that the chakras there, what courses of the chakras, what aligns your chakras, but many of us still do not know exactly what the 7 chakras are. chakras.

The chakras are neither more nor less than the energy stations of your body, let's imagine that our body is a subway line and it has different stations, each one of them has a function and each one of them is different from the other but all of them they relate to each other.

Before explaining one by one, I want to tell you that it is essential to have the chakras aligned, that is, in order, why otherwise we begin to allow diseases in our body!

There are many ways to align them, however I am going to share the one that for me is easier and within your reach, which is the alignment with quartz.

The ritual is simple, you just have to put the quartz corresponding to each energetic point on your body in the place where your chakra is, you can play meditation music to relax and stay in bed for 10 minutes with the quartz on you, this practice once a the week will allow you to restore any energy imbalance and you will constantly feel good.

Something that we always ask ourselves is why the chakras are misaligned or misaligned and the reasons can be many but it is important to be aware of some, for example a physical blow, anger, emotional pain, evil happening to your body, no have enough hours of rest, etc.

and now that you know the basics, I will tell you about each of the chakras and what is the ideal stone to align them!

are you ready? 👇🏼

7 • Crown Chakra: we relate it to the connection with divinity and the color that represents it is purple or white, that is why the quartz that can help you regulate the area is amethyst quartz or crystal quartz.
Decree: "I am"

6 • Third eye chakra: governs the functioning of the mind and your connection with intuition. The color that represents it is indigo blue, which is why we use Lapizlazuli stone, blue agate or on some occasions dark Amethyst.
Decree "I understand"

5 • Throat Chakra: helps us express congruently what we want to say by connecting mind and heart.
it is represented by the blue color and lapizlazuli or agate quartz.
Decree "I expressed"

4 • Heart Chakra: regulates our emotions and the proper functioning of our immune system. the colors that represent it are water green and pink, therefore you can use rose quartz and aventurine quartz.
Decree: "I Love"

3 • Solar Plexus Chakra: is in charge of our strength, drive, passion for life.
The colors that represent it is yellow and the quartz would be citrine quartz or yellow agate.
Decree: "I can"

2• Sexual Chakra: governs the functioning of our reproductive system and is related to creativity and pleasure.
The colors that represent it is orange and you can use an orange agate stone.
Decree "I desire"

1 • Root Chakra: it is our connection with the earth, it is represented by the color brown or red and red jasper quartz or tiger's eye can be used for its regulation.

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